100 Words are Hard to Say

I have recently been honored by being named a finalist for our county’s teacher of the year.  First of all, this is such a humbling thing.  We all know that education is sometimes a thankless job, but it is really nice to be recognized for my hard work.

The past few weeks have been a whirlwind of photos and fanfare and assignments to be completed sooner rather than later.

The assignments are normal: update your resume, fill out this paperwork, but one that seemed that it would be so easy really threw me for a loop.

Write 100 words on why you love teaching.

When given the assignment, I assumed it would be a breeze. This is my passion that I often ramble on and on about, but I sat there staring at a blank computer screen.  I would write a few sentences and then delete them, over and over again.

How do you articulate something that you love? 

Once I finally got writing, figuring out exactly what I wanted to say, I realized just how short 100 words is.  I got a few sentences out and noticed I was already over.

Here’s what I ended on. 100 words on the dot. It only scratches the surface of the many reasons that exist, but hopefully I was able to showcase my heart.

I get to show students the beauty in struggle and the power of making mistakes.  Math is a topic that makes most people cringe and I feel fortunate to get to make it something that is less scary.  I love to show my students that something that seems impossible does not have to be that way, but can be fun! I love showing them that the struggles that occur in math are paralleled to life; that there is always a way.  I teach compassion, how to be good people, how to love, how to see a different point of view.

I want to know what your 100 words are.

Please share them with me. Even if you’re not an educator… what are your 100 words on why you love what you do.?



Author: Jess

Math teacher extraordinaire. Obsessed with trying new things and instilling passion into others and my students. I love personalized learning, flexible seating, and edtech and I simply cannot stay quiet about it. So, a blog it is!

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